About us

Customhost is a small company located in Ukraine.
We are in web-sphere since more than 10 years and we have made a big jobs for our clients these years before the company was founded.
Vast majority of our clients are from eastern Europe, UK and north america.

Common services we offer and do is a custom web-programming, design and sites support.

Years ago we have made a lot of custom products, such as e-commerce engines, custom CMS, analytics and accounting systems and even more — own PHP Framework.
To be honestly, custom development was not necessary for some task, but we wanted and we have made it.

But now, we know the right way to the good product and know how to choose a tool to make product good, reliable and do it quick.

Also, we do server things for linux-based servers.

Tool we are using in our work: PHP ( since 4th version ) and PHP-based frameworks ( Symfony, CI ), MySQL, SQLite, Javascript and jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap,  GIT, Mercurial, different CSM ( usually ExpressionEngine and WordPress ), E-commerce platforms ( OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento ) and various shell scripts ( to make out work more efficient ).

If you want to know more about us — feel free to ask, we will always gladly provide you necessary information.

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