In common cases web-design development has a couple steps :

  • Create visual concept for your project
  • Work on all details and user experience
  • Finalize views and visuals for every particular element of your site
  • Create HTML layout and integrate it with backend.

It may looks easy, but in real life each step may have a numbers of additional steps and tons of technical details.

You shouldn’t know all these details, you shall have full image of your product, all the rest is a designers work.

Or designers will develop visuals based on your requirements, will create suitable HTML-layout compatible with all modern browsers and will help with integration or integrate with your backend.


When the modern browsers is not enough

Some our client has a specific browsers requirements for their projects.

If you need your site to work and look good in any particular outdated browser version — this is possible.
Our skilled designers and developers will provide all information and pricing for such work.