Custom programming

Custom development is the basement of the internet and the proper way to create new products for your clients, company of for the whole world.

This is a good approach to extend web-applications, improve, create new functionality, external API or even new version of the existing application.

What can we offer you

Project architecture and development

Technical details are most important thing for any project to be sure the product will be fast enough, scalable, supportable and upgradable during a whole lifetime.

Technical notice:
Good development tool and platforms are always in movement.
Time to time next release of language or framework are not compatible with older code.
But this is not a big deal, because good product architecture allows to rewrite necessary part transparently for the rest of code

An appropriate tools and technologies can speed-up development and guarantee supportable code, extendable product and stability for the long time.

Good product should be not just a stable but also fast.
Standard approach can be useless for some specialized system.

We have an architecture development experience for a big-data and high-load project and can help you to build stable and fast system.


Lifetime support

No one project remain unchanged after launch.

All time users reporting code- or interface- issues which requires fixes and improvements.

New features, design or business logic change, introduce project monetizing, API and many other possible case — this all is a Project Support.

Customhost developers has a great experience supporting PHP systems ( both ready solutions and custom developed ) starting from PHP version 4.

We can quickly check program code and start working with it even if  has no development documentation or it was outdated.

Does not matter what system you have, we almost sure we can support it.


Project environment setup

Nowadays development and testing processes can be automated.

Version Control System, auto-updates, night builds, bug report with code changes tracking can help you control development process and test all changes before it will go to the production.

You can user any system or product, we have build development-live environment many times for different systems and different sites.

We know how to make project development easier for you.